Monday, 22 September 2014

Android Apps – Send text messages with MightyText in your android tablets

Mini Requirements: Varies with devices
Size: Varies with devices
Rank: 4.4 Stars

Welcome to download apps world. Text messaging might seem like something you’d normally do on your mobile phone, but recently app makers have cottoned onto the fact that it’s a darn sight easier to text from a tablet, thanks to their larger on-screen keyboards. The latest version of iOS includes a Messages app that lets you send and receive texts with other iOS users for free. But if you have both an Android phones and Android tablet, then a clever app called MightyText goes one better and one of the best android apps, just download android apps.

Install MightyText on your tablet, then install the relevant app on your phone (from and you’ll be able to send and receive texts via your tablet, using your phone’s number and your mobile network provider’s text allowance. Every message is synced with your phone’s SMS inbox. The app is uncluttered, smartly designed and easy to use. There’s also a web-app that lets you pull off the same trick from your PC, and you can send texts from within Gmail too.