Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Android App and Windows Phone Apps - Stretching Exercises fitness and health app

Given our busy lifestyles, most of us don’t have the time to work out. Yes, there are those hyper motivated people, but they are few and far between. Largely, as professional responsibilities grow and people prosper, time grows short and health takes a backseat. Well, thanks to Stretching Exercises by Fitness Reloaded, that’s not going to be the matter any longer!

This app is simple and effective, which helps you stay in touch with a semblance of health through amazing stretching exercises that keep you flexible and lithe. Whether you are a jogger, a computer nerd, or just-stressed-out, this app has something to offer you. The stretching exercises given in this app have been designed to achieve maximum efficacy. Plus, the exercises are grouped into routines with interesting names like Computer Break, Just Woke Up and Stress Release, among others. BBest free apps for android

There are detailed videos of every exercise demonstrated by a professional instructor. Comfort of the people is of prime importance and that’s why the woman in the video ensures the most simple of instructions. What’s more, the benefits don’t end at these amazing exercises alone! They go on to include a free gift on sharing an email address. These gifts include guides on how to eat right even when people have absolutely no self control, or how to get an hour’s worth results in just 16 minutes of exercise, among others.

Also, you can register yourself for paid online classes named as “Exercise Bliss” that promises to turn lazy exerciser into a lifelong exerciser in just 9 weeks.

In other words, this simple and lightweight app has it all — the finest of exercises backed up with helpful videos and polished with free gifts. So, go on and download this app right away! It is one of the best windows phone apps

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Mini Requirements: Android- 4.0, Windows- 8.1
Size: Android- 42 MB, Windows- 188.1 MB
Rank: 3.8 Stars
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